Thursday's Band

Strings soaring over locked-down guitars, and all about the songs

Thursday’s Band are a mysterious and exciting mix of strings and guitars, wrapped around extraordinary songs. This is what happens when you combine intriguing contemporary songwriting with locked down acoustic guitars and three-part harmony - all topped of with free-flowing fiddle, viola and mandolin.

Sometimes the songs tell tales from the distant past; sometimes they’re poignant and personal; sometimes they break out into wistful laments and exuberant tunes.

The band are Mark Gamon (guitar, vocals and songs); Matt Kelly (fiddle, viola, mandolin, vocals and songs); Lucinda Fudge (viola and vocals); and Nick Blishen (guitar). Individually, they’ve played folk, rock, country, cajun and orchestral music - together they’re a new take on acoustic music and songwriting fed through a filter of British and North American folk styles.

‘The most beautiful music I’ve heard in years…’

‘Spine-tingling… a class act…’

‘The songs sounded wonderful drifting across the field as the sun set. Brilliant songwriting, wonderful harmonies, and fabulous combinations of instruments…’

'Thursday's Band are rapidly becoming one of my favourite live folk bands...’