Red Velvet

Irish folk steeped in blues, country and jazz and more besides

Red Velvet is singer Deirdre Murphy, songwriter Les Ray and their band of talented multi-instrumentalists from very diverse musical backgrounds: George Harper from jazz/blues, Chris Fox from jazz and folk, Robin Gillan from old time and trad folk, and rock drummer Colin Smith.

The name Red Velvet encapsulates the band's repertoire, with the red part represented by deeply committed political songs on the side of the dispossessed and the marginalised, such as Stranger Welcome and El Patrón y El Diablo, and the velvet part by songs of the heart steeped in life experience, such as You put a spell on me and Our love is music.

Deirdre and Les are very much a part of the folk music scene in the Cambridge area, and have been organising gigs for upcoming young musicians for many years now.

Since recording the album "Heartland Soul" the band has had a change of personnel, with keyboard player Gene Thunderbolt taking on a more significant role, and bassist/guitarist/mandolin player Mike Udin joining. Red Velvet will be releasing a new single with this new line-up in the autumn and a new EP early next year.